Animal Control Bylaw Officer Course (Ontario)

Do you want a career as an Animal Control Officer (sometimes referred to as an animal protection officer or animal services officer) in Ontario and require an animal control bylaw officer certificate? 

This course is an essential step in upgrading your skills and knowledge. 

You will gain a firm foundation and training in a variety of legal issues and dog behaviour required for this position.

In BC? Read our detailed guide on how to become an Animal Control Officer in BC.

Animal Control Bylaw Officer Certificate

Quick Course Information

  1. Online Training Course
  2. It takes approximately 30 hours to complete
  3. 12 modules with printable handouts
  4. Online final exam
  5. Printable accreditation Animal Control Bylaw Officer certificate

Once purchased, your login information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Course Access Time

You will have full access to this course for 10 weeks from the date of registration.
A 1-time free extension of 3 weeks is available (if needed).
An additional extension of 2 weeks is available at $75.

Who Should Register

  1. Anyone currently employed or seeking employment in Ontario as an MLEO or Provincial Offences Officer wanting to specialize in Animal Control or enforcement of local Bylaws.
  2. Anyone wanting to specialize in a career as an Animal Control Officer or Animal Protection Officer in Ontario or work in animal control services.

Why take this course

  1. Add Animal Control Bylaw Officer certificate to your resume
  2. This is a stand-alone course explicitly designed for Animal Control Bylaw Enforcement Officers
  3. Seek higher-paying work and improve your chances of landing jobs by proactively taking this training.
  4. Ability to complete this course at your own pace
  5. Instructor expertise and assistance available through email

Animal Control Bylaw Officer Course Syllabus

IntroductionWelcome And Login Instructions
Module 1Introduction To Animal Control
Module 2Characteristics Of Effective Animal Control Officers
Module 3Introduction To Law
Module 4Authorities And Powers Of Animal Control MLEOS
Module 5Laying POA Charges As Animal Control Officers
Module 6Court Structure
Module 7OSPCA Agent Powers Versus MLEOS Powers
Module 8Municipal Structure And By-Laws
Module 9DOLA And Provincial Legislation Relative To Animal Control
Module 10Understanding Dog Behaviours
Module 11Officer Safety For Animal Control Officers
Module 12Final Quiz and Final Exam
Next StepsCourse Completion And Requesting A Certificate

Program Content Vetting and Certifications

This program was written by former Ontario-based Police instructors who served both at the Ontario Police College as well as at the in-service training divisions for both the O.P.P. and Municipal Police agencies.

These same instructors and the company issuing the accreditation certificates are also approved and licensed Vendors of Record (V.O.R.) for the Government of Ontario to train M.L.E.O.s and P.O.O.s  (Provincial Offences Officers) for all Ministries and Provincially funded agencies that use the V.O.R. system to obtain training for their officers.

The course design and development were done by instructors who are Court (Ontario Superior Court) Recognized “Subject Matter Experts” in the training of Municipal Bylaw and Enforcement Officers, Provincial Offences Officers, Police and Special Constables in Ontario. Copies of transcripts from these court credentials are available upon request.

Last Updated on Jul 5, 2024

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