security guard job toronto

Last Updated on November 3, 2020

security guard job toronto

Our Clients are all AAA clients and they deserve AAA guards!!!!!

We have excellent clean sites where we sit at a front desk of warehouse and conduct access control. When the employees of the warehouse leave you must do thorough bag checks. Not the same as condo work…we need our guards to be a presence at the front desk and be engaged with everyone who enters and exits. We need guards that are attentive and engaged in the job at hand. If you don't have excellent work ethic, do NOT send your resume. Slackers are found early and do not make it past their probationary period. Good guards looking for a good company that works as a teem and appreciates good honest work, please apply…we're looking for you. Nobody is treated as a number at Pinnacle.

For experienced guards, we have a national contract for plain clothed body guards escorting people with high value products from point A to Point B. $20 – $25 to start plus Mileage.

– We are also looking for a bouncer to work at a nice little bar on Ossington Fridays and Saturdays. This is not a Pinnacle contract, we are just trying to help find them someone. It's a team of 3 per night, capacity is only around 140. Experience is good, but it's not the be all and end all. If you are a newly licensed security guard with a good head on your shoulders and posses this rare trait called ” common sense” , then you may be a good applicant.

Pinnacle is an equal opportunity employer but fluent written and oral English is a must for all positions.

Solid work references required. If a work relationship ended badly, we want to know the reason why. Also: A solid character reference (not family or friends) Teacher, coach, police officer, parents of kids you've baby-sat for or it can still be a work reference, they may serve as a dual reference. If at work you were a “key holder”, “supervised others”,” handled cash” or were in charge and “trusted with something of value”…there are many options.

Pinnacle Security Services are looking for quality Security Guards. This reality is, the vast majority GTA applicants are no good. ( this add may seem odd but the reality is…there is more quality work available than there are quality guards. Our job is to find the good ones…..needle in a haystack at times.

Are you a good honest worker? We want to meet you.

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