Saskatchewan Security Guard Course

Need your Saskatchewan Security Guard License? Security Guard Training Canada is pleased to present this government-approved Saskatchewan Security Guard course online.

Saskatchewan has a mandatory 40-hour training course called the Saskatchewan Justice Approved Security Guard Training Course that must be completed before being licensed. The Ministry of Justice in Saskatchewan does not provide the training directly but approves trainers who are authorized to deliver the program.

Saskatchewan is one of the few provinces in Canada where security guard licences are not issued to an individual but are issued to the employer licensing you to work for them.

These licences are NOT portable, meaning that your licence is restricted to allow you to ONLY work for the employer that you were employed with when the licence was issued.

You are not able to work for more than one company at a time and must renew your licence if you change employers.

Saskatchewan Security Guard Course Syllabus

The training syllabus (either online or in a classroom) is set by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice.

The 40-Hour Justice Approved Saskatchewan security guard course Security Guard Training prepares you to write (and successfully pass) the security guard exam required by the Province of Saskatchewan.

Once you have passed this exam (the minimum mark required is 75%), you can then participate in the high-demand career of security and loss prevention.

IntroductionWelcome And Login Instructions
Module 1Introduction to the Security Industry
Module 2Canadian Legal System
Module 3Basic Security Patrol Procedures
Module 4Communication
Module 5Documentation and Evidence
Module 6Emergency Response Procedures
Module 7Health and Safety
Next StepsExam Registration And Next Steps

The Saskatchewan government also provides a Private Investigator and Security Guard Training Manual to assist in your successful completion of the exam. This manual is a 574-page printed manual and costs $30. You can order it here.

Testing Locations

After completing the training program, all applicants must successfully pass the provincial examination (with a mark of no less 75%). The exam is delivered by the Registrar for Private Investigators and Security Guards. To learn more about exam times and locations, please contact the Private Investigators and Security Guards Program at (306) 787-5496.

Test fee

The cost of the exam is included in the course fee.

Saskatchewan Security Guard Course Licensing Requirements

Everyone seeking a security guard license in Saskatchewan must be at least 18 years old and of good character, as applicants are required to submit a criminal record check.

Saskatchewan Security Guard Course

To qualify for a full security guard license all individuals must complete the Justice Approved Saskatchewan Security Guard Course through an approved course provider and obtain a standard of at least 75% on the exam administered by the Registrar for Private Investigators and Security Guards.

Your employer may apply for a temporary security guard license on your behalf by filling out the Application for Employee’s Temporary Security Guard Licence form (step 4) until you have completed the course.

Once you have completed the training course and passed the examination with a grade of 75% or higher, you will receive a certificate from the approved course provider. The Private Investigator and Security Guard Program enter the individual into a data system which tracks:

  • course completion data;
  • companies the individual has/had licenses with; and
  • any information related to that person's role in the private security industry.

Requirements of Security Officer in Saskatchewan

  • only wear a uniform approved by the Registrar
  • carry and present their licenses to anyone making that request
  • comply with any terms and conditions of their licenses
  • be over 18 years of age
  • return their licenses to the Registrar when they expire, or are terminated, suspended, or cancelled;
  • report to the Registrar any incident involving a member of the public involving the use of force or other unusual intervention.

Additional Training

Get a competitive edge in your job search by adding the following courses to your resume:

Use of Force Coursethis course will prepare you for how to defend yourself if necessary, and the proper time and place to use force. It will provide training on how and when to use force and the legal limitations when confronting an individual.

Pair a Use of Force Certification with your Saskatchewan Security Guard License and get a competitive advantage by showing potential employers you take your training seriously and will treat your job duties the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Saskatchewan Security Guard Course and Licensing

How do I become a security guard in Saskatchewan?

In order to meet the requirements for a security guard license in Saskatchewan you must complete the mandatory training course and get a minimum mark of 75% on the provincial exam.

How much is a security license in Saskatchewan?

The costs involved in obtaining a security guard license in Saskatchewan are as follows:

$200 for the Basic Security Training course which includes the exam fee and a $25 licensing fee payable to the Minister of Finance of Saskatchewan.

What qualifications do I need to be a security guard?

In order to be qualified to be a security guard in Saskatchewan you must meet these requirements:

– Be 18 years or older.
– Ability to read and write in English
– Have no criminal record
– Have completed all training and passed the provincial exam

If you are a veteran, read why employers think veterans make great security personnel.

Last Updated on Nov 28, 2023

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