Security Guard Dispatcher Training

This accredited Security Guard Dispatcher Certification Training course was developed by a Security Training Subject Matter Expert in consultation with industry and legal experts.

The role of the Security Guard Dispatcher is critical to the functioning of a private security agency. 

A Dispatcher is at the centre of the coordination of guards, mobile patrols, alarm response, and much more.

As a Security Dispatcher in a control room,  you are the central communications point for clients’ properties. You may also monitor CCTV systems, access control systems, or other building systems such as elevator banks.

Large Security Agencies always seek motivated, detail-oriented, and responsible team members. 

See our Security Guards Jobs page to get started after you have completed this certification training course.

This 30-hour online dispatcher certification course will prepare you with job-specific training skills for a Security Guard Dispatcher position.  

A Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing, is awarded when the online final exam is passed.

Security Guard Dispatcher Course Syllabus

IntroductionWelcome And Login Instructions
Module 1Security Dispatcher Note Taking
Module 2Security Dispatcher Communications
Module 3Emotional Intelligence
Module 4Time Management
Module 5Legal Academics
Module 6Guard Safety And The Role Of Dispatchers
Module 7CCTV Cameras And Evidence
CompletionReceive Training Certificate

Why take this course

  • Add the Security Dispatcher certification course to your resume
  • Increase your desirability to employers with job-specific training that will help you stand out
  • Ability to complete the coursework at your own pace
  • 24/7 availability of Subject Matter Experts for any and all questions

Last Updated on Aug 12, 2023

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