Alberta Private Investigator Training Course (AIT)

Need your Alberta Private Investigator License? Security Guard Training Canada is pleased to present this Accredited online Alberta Investigator Training (AIT) course.

How do you get your Alberta Private Investigator Licence?

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Check to make sure you meet the basic requirements for the licenceComplete your Alberta Investigator Training (AIT) coursePass your proctored government examApply for your Security Services licence as a Private Investigator

Alberta Private Investigator Licensing Requirements

Alberta Private investigator training
  • be over 18 years old
  • be eligible to work in Canada
  • be fluent in English
  • have no criminal record
  • have no outstanding criminal charges
  • not be the subject of a criminal investigation

Any person acting as an Alberta private investigator must meet a specific English fluency standard. This is a level 5 benchmark according to the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks

This online Alberta Private Investigator Course consists of nine (9) modules.  Students must complete all modules, logging a minimum total of 60 hrs and then write the online Provincial exam under the supervision of a proctor with 80% or above to receive provincial certification and apply for an Investigator License in Alberta.

Once you have logged your required 60 hrs you will be emailed your Training Certificate and instructions to book your Online Exam.  The online exam is paid separately to the exam provider and costs $50.

You must be licensed to work as a private or in-house investigator in Alberta.  As an Alberta private investigator, you investigate things like:

  • accidents and personal injury
  • damaged or stolen property
  • backgrounds and whereabouts of people
  • organizations

While acting as an Alberta private investigator you can:

  • collect information
  • interview people
  • conduct surveillance
  • obtain statements
  • research reports or records

Licences are issued under the Security Services and Investigators Act by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

After you have completed your course and passed the exam…

The Alberta private investigator's licensing fee is $160.  Your licence is valid for 2 years.   This is paid directly to the government with your application.

The renewal process is the same as the initial application process.

Alberta Private Investigator License (AIT) Course Syllabus

IntroductionWelcome And Login Instructions
Module 1Introduction To The Investigations Industry
Module 2Professionalism And Ethics
Module 3Healthy & Safety For Professional Investigators
Module 4Law And The Canadian Legal System
Module 5Use Of Force
Module 6Investigations
Module 7Communication Skills And Report Writing
Module 8Specialized Investigations
Module 9The Business Of Investigations
Next StepsExam Registration And Next Steps

What's included with your course tuition

  • Immediate access on any device to the government-accredited course with experienced instruction.
  • A copy of the digital course study material (or option to purchase a physical copy).
  • Access to online practice exams to ensure you're ready for your government exam.
  • Guidance on the next steps to register for your government exam and complete the security services licence application.

Additional Training

Get a competitive edge in your job search by adding the following courses to your resume:

Alberta Security Guard Training Course (ABST): offered independently.

Why not take both and get a Dual License for even more job opportunities in the security field?

Use of Force Course: this course will prepare you for how to defend yourself if necessary, and the proper time and place to use force. It will provide training on how and when to use force and the legal limitations when confronting an individual.

Pair a Use of Force Certification with your Alberta Security Guard License and get a competitive advantage by showing potential employers you take your training seriously and will treat your job duties the same way.

(AIT) Alberta Private Investigator Course FAQ

How do I get a private investigator license in Alberta?

Apply for or renew the licence you need to work as a private or in-house investigator in Alberta. You must meet these criteria:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1 – be over 18 years old.u003cbru003e2 – be eligible to work in Canada.u003cbru003e3 – be fluent in English.u003cbru003e4 – have no criminal recordu003cbru003e5 – have no outstanding criminal charges.u003cbru003e6 – not be the subject of a criminal investigation.u003cbru003e7- completed the Alberta Private Investigator Course (AIT)u003cbru003e8 – successfully passed the provincial exam

Will My past history impact my ability to become a Private Investigator in Alberta?

If you have a specific unique scenario about the above requirements (such as a restraining order or previous offence) and are not sure if it will impact your eligibility, you can contact u003ca href=u0022mailto:ssia.registrar@gov.ab.cau0022u003essia.registrar@gov.ab.cau003c/au003e for more information.

I've worked in law enforcement. Are there any exemptions for me in getting my Investigator's Licence?

If you've worked as a police or peace officer in the past 3 years, contact u003ca href=u0022mailto:ssia.registrar@gov.ab.cau0022u003essia.registrar@gov.ab.cau003c/au003e to see if you are eligible for any exemptions. 

Useful Links

Alberta Association of Private Investigators (AAPI) Website

Canadian Association of Professional Investigators (CAPI) Website

Last Updated on Jul 5, 2024

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