5 Tips To Become A Better Security Guard

After completing your security guard online training and entering a phase of securing steady employment, it becomes a critical juncture to thoroughly assess the skills and personal qualities that will ensure your long-term success in the security field.

This period also provides an opportunity for you to attain higher pay and advance your career within the industry.

Here is a compilation of essential skills for individuals aspiring to excel as security professionals and propel their careers forward.

While you might not possess all of these skills at your current career stage, they are all learnable and can be honed with dedicated effort and self-improvement.

Evaluating your proficiency in these skills can sometimes be challenging.

If uncertain, seek feedback from your supervisor, colleagues, and candid friends who are willing to provide honest assessments.

Excel in Both Written and Verbal Communication

Excel in Both Written and Verbal Communication

In various instances, your ability to communicate clearly and effectively will prove indispensable in your role.

Security guards frequently engage in completing reports, delivering verbal accounts of observed situations, and aiding and guiding patrons within their designated areas.

When it comes to written communication, adhering to the first principle involves investing ample time to ensure accuracy and be precise in your information.

Employing vivid and descriptive language consistently enhances the quality of a written report.

While terms like “first” and “next” are serviceable, they can be further elevated by stating specific times, such as “at 11:05 am (an incident occurred), and at 11:08 am, we received a distress call from (person A).”

Promptly jot down notes following work-related incidents to facilitate accurate recollection of events.

These notes can serve as points of reference when conveying verbal descriptions to your supervisor upon request.

Emphasize the importance of maintaining good grammar and correct spelling. Above all, meticulously proofread all documents before submission.

Challenge yourself by asking, “If I were encountering this for the first time, would I have a full understanding of the situation?”

Regarding verbal communication, it's essential to establish a method for conveying essential information.

Begin with an introduction, emphasize, and potentially reiterate critical points.

  • Do not rush.
  • Provide clarification as necessary
  • Don't assume that others grasp your intended message entirely.

If English isn't your primary language (or you are a new immigrant to Canada), dedicate time to enhancing your skills during your free time.

Consider enrolling in classes or reading books and magazines aloud to someone, allowing them to encourage your improvement in communication.

Moreover, a wide array of free apps and resources are available to aid in honing your speaking and comprehension abilities.

Enhance Your Interpersonal Abilities as a security guard

Enhance Your Interpersonal Abilities

We are all familiar with individuals who exude a pleasant aura, creating a sense of ease and enjoyable conversation.

As a security guard, your role extends to fostering this very atmosphere for those around you—be it your fellow security personnel or the public at your assigned location.

Cultivating exceptional interpersonal skills not only positions you as capable and adept but also engenders trust among individuals.

By honing these skills, you can glean more comprehensive situational insights and adeptly diffuse potentially volatile scenarios.

A security guard's most valuable assets are their presence, demeanour, and poised control during challenging moments.

These attributes are the direct result of cultivating interpersonal skills and nurturing empathy toward those in your vicinity.

For instance, consider a situation where you are stationed at a work site, and an individual consistently engages in minor mischief.

While the inclination might be to reprimand and assert authority, initiating a conversation and fostering mutual understanding could yield more favourable outcomes.

By establishing a rapport with this individual, you can naturally cultivate trust and garner respect for the area under your protection.

Over time, you will evolve from being perceived as an opposing force to becoming a trusted associate with whom they find solace in conversing.

This serves as an example of how adept people skills can simplify your role and create a positive influence on the area entrusted to your care.

Familiarize Yourself with Expectations and Protocols

Familiarize Yourself with Expectations and Protocols

Every job comes with a set of expectations and protocols.

Whether it's signing documents, punctually clocking in or maintaining a neat uniform – these seemingly minor details hold significance for specific reasons.

Guidelines and protocols are typically established to prevent issues and ensure optimal productivity and safety.

In the security sector, guards must acquaint themselves with the procedures outlined in their employee handbook and training materials.

These procedures have been honed over many years of experience to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of guards on the job.

Be well-versed in your emergency policies and protocols as they guide your actions to safeguard both your well-being and that of others.

For instance, lacking knowledge on how to respond to a potential threat or hazardous scenario at work could result in harm to yourself or pose a risk to others.

Maintain focused situational awareness

Maintain focused situational awareness

Your role as a security guard encompasses the responsibility of upholding a safe and secure environment within your designated work site.

This entails not only responding to emergent problems and situations but, more crucially, cultivating the capacity for situational awareness to identify and preempt potential issues before they escalate into real problems.

Illustrating effective situational awareness is exemplified when you observe an individual in proximity to merchandise that is often subject to theft.

While there is no reason to suspect any illicit activity, you casually maintain a modest distance between yourself and their location.

Intervening, engaging in conversation, or obstructing their access to the merchandise is unnecessary – the person has committed no wrongdoing, and you aim to avoid fostering any negative perception.

However, your vigilant situational awareness reduces the likelihood of any untoward incidents.

Your mere presence commands respect, thereby ensuring the property remains well-secured.

Take care of your mental and physical wellness

Take care of your mental and physical wellness

Chances are, you've come across the distinction between cars that run on regular fuel and those that demand premium (high-octane) fuel for optimal functioning.

Generally, vehicles necessitating premium fuel are high-performance machines equipped with potent engines.

Likewise, your body resembles a high-performance engine. Nourishing yourself with wholesome foods, ensuring sufficient sleep, and engaging in regular exercise propels your body to function at peak capacity.

For a security guard to excel, operating at an elevated level—both physically and mentally—is paramount.

Whether engaged in perimeter patrols or monitoring surveillance footage, your body, and mind must be finely tuned to deliver optimal performance.

Every person is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for wellness.

However, you must identify the strategies that work best for you in maintaining physical well-being, both during your job and outside of it.

This harmony between your mind and body is essential for achieving your desired outcomes.

Avoid pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion – doing so hinders your ability to function effectively, consequently impacting your on-the-job performance.

Prioritize adequate rest and proper nutrition, as these are essential for recovery and ensuring your readiness to excel in your role.


Incorporating the five tips for enhancing your role as a security guard can pave the way for a flourishing career within the security industry.

Remarkably, these aforementioned guidelines also extend their benefits beyond your professional journey and enhance various aspects of your personal life.

While the role of a security guard can be challenging, those who adeptly equip themselves and maintain a commendable standard of conduct will unlock opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.

Last Updated on May 12, 2024

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