Alberta Security Guard Training and Licencing Requirements

alberta security guard trainingIntroduction

As in other areas of the country, the demand for trained security officers is on the rise.

To help you navigate thru the requirements for this highly sought after occupation we’ve created this comprehensive guide on Alberta security guard training.

The Security Programs department is part of the Law Enforcement and Oversight Branch of the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. The Branch administers the Security Services and Investigators Act, Peace Officer Act, Body Armour Control Act, First Nations Policing and Law Enforcement Professional Standards for the Province of Alberta.

Under the Security Services and Investigators Act the Security Programs department is responsible for oversight, licensing and compliance for the security, investigator and locksmith services industries in Alberta.

Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General defines security personel as “any person or organization that provides or supervises any person undertaking to:

  • Monitor, patrol, guard or provide security for another person or the property or premises of another person or organization
  • Investigate loss of or damage to property or premises of another person or organization
  • Conduct searches of persons, personal property or premises for the purpose of protection
    or loss prevention
  • Detain, control, discipline or warn anyone while accessing or on another persons property or premises
  • Security Guards can also respond and monitor alarms installed on the property of another person.”

Under the Security Services and Investigators Act, individuals working in the security, investigation and locksmith services industry must be licensed. Working without a licence is an offense under the Act and may result in fines or court appearances.

Applicants for individual licences must meet basic licensing requirements and training qualifications before applying to receive a licence. Individual licences are issued for 2 year terms and are subject to the terms and conditions of the Act, Regulations and Policy. Applicants should familiarize themselves with these documents and their rights and responsibilities under the legislation.

Individual licences are portable, meaning the licence remains with the individual when they change jobs and enables the individual licensee to work for more than one company if they choose to do so. Individual licensees, not their employers, are responsible for applying for, renewing and maintaining their licences.

Alberta Security Guard Licensing Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Competent and of good character
  • No serious criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted
  • No outstanding criminal charges
  • Not the subject of a criminal investigation
  • Fluent in speaking English.
  • The standard for fluency is the ability to communicate effectively with the public and members of the emergency response system during emergency situations.
  • Successful completion of training requirements (see Training below for more information) for the class(es) of licence being sought
  • Successful completion of baton training if seeking authority to carry a baton
  • In addition to providing proof of qualifications, applicants will be required to swear an affidavit on the application form attesting to their qualifications. Swearing a false affidavit will result in suspension or cancellation of a licence.

Every applicant must undergo a police information and criminal record check at the time of application and every 2 years at the time of licence renewal. Checks are performed by the police services in the community where an applicant resides. Contact the police service for hours of operation and fees.

Applicants should report to the police service closest to where they reside, bring 2 pieces of government issued ID (at least one must be photo ID) and a colour passport-size photo (no more than 3 months old). Request an Employment Police Information Check and provide the photo for signature of a police service representative. Individuals with police information check findings will be required to undergo further checks by the police service.

Ensure all forms are complete and supporting documents, photo and payment are attached when submitting an application. Incomplete applications will be returned, resulting in a delay in processing the application.


Individual licences are issued for a 2 year term. The cost is $100 per term.

Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course (ABST)

Effective June 1, 2011, all applicants for a security workers licence in Alberta must successfully complete a mandatory training course or provide proof of equivalent training in order to qualify for a licence.  Existing licensees and individuals renewing a licence are not required to complete mandatory training at this time. See the SSIA Approved Training Course Provider List below to find a course that is convenient for you.

ABST Course Outline:

classroom security guard training in AlbertaIntroduction to the Security Industry

  • Describe the various roles and responsibilities of security professionals
  • Define and demonstrate professional conduct for security professionals
  • Define and demonstrate professional appearance and deportment for security professionals

Canadian Legal System

  • Describe how the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms relate to the work of a security professional
  • Identify the legal authorities, rights, and limitations of an on-duty security professional
  • Discuss and provide examples of a citizen's power of arrest under the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Discuss and provide examples of provisions for search and seizure in the performance of duties
  • Discuss and provide examples of legal powers of security professionals in situations involving landlords and tenants
  • Discuss and provide examples of legal powers of security professionals in situations of trespassing or vandalism
  • Identify the types of offences in the Criminal Code of Canada and provide examples of each
  • Discuss and provide examples of legal powers of security professionals in use of force

Basic Security Patrol Procedures

  • Explain and demonstrate the observation skills utilized by a security professional
  • Explain and demonstrate the various techniques used to:
    • Patrol
    • Control access
    • Conduct surveillance
    • Respond to alarms
    • Control crowds
    • Manage labour disputes
    • Respond to emergency scenes
  • Describe the signs and behaviours associated with substance abuse
  • Identify drug paraphernalia
  • Describe the signs and behaviours associated with excited delirium
  • Explain and demonstrate the various techniques used to control traffic in emergency and nonemergency situations
  • Describe shift-related responsibilities, such as:
    • Interpreting shift posting orders
    • Starting a new shift
    • Transferring responsibility at the end of a shift
  • Explain best practices when working with a partner
  • Explain and provide examples of an appropriate use of force response for a security professional


  • Describe effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies for security professionals
  • Identify and demonstrate methods of communication which are free from bias, discrimination, and harassment
  • Identify strategies for effective verbal and non-verbal communication in situations where communication barriers exist
  • Explain and demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication skills when interacting with individuals who show signs of being uncooperative, violent, and impaired
  • Identify and develop strategies to control your personal triggers in situations of conflict or anxiety
  • Conduct an effective interview

Documentation and Evidence

  • Describe the importance and legal implications of maintaining an accurate and complete notebook
  • Describe how to effectively take detailed notes during your shift
  • Describe the importance and legal implications of maintaining an accurate and complete notebook
  • Describe the correct use of a notebook
  • Maintain an accurate and complete notebook
  • Obtain and record an accurate and complete statement
  • Prepare an accurate and complete statement
  • Describe the elements of an accurate and complete report
  • Prepare an accurate and complete report
  • Preserve and protect evidence and a potential crime scene
  • Prepare for the process of giving testimony in court

Emergency Response Procedures

  • Recall the different levels and types of access control
  • Explain the importance of access control
  • Identify emergency alarm calls and required follow-up response
  • Identify required assistance upon responding to an emergency
  • Identify required assistance upon responding to a fire emergency
  • Describe precautions for maintaining the safety of self and others at the scene of a fire
  • Identify required assistance upon responding to a fire emergency
  • Describe precautions for maintaining the safety of self and others at the scene of a fire
  • Describe precautions for maintaining the safety of self and others at the scene of a bomb threat

Health and Safety

  • Describe best practices for personal safety while on duty in the areas of communication, duties, and emergency response
  • Identify potential hazards at security sites and venues
  • Recall the basic principles of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • Discuss strategies for dealing with the effects of shift work on health, personal fitness, sleep, and social life


ABST Approved Training Course Provider

Training Categories: IH= In-house, P=Public, C = Contract, O= Online

Company Name Category Location Phone #
A&R Security Inc IH Red Deer 403-314-9399
A-Plus Training P Calgary 1-888-259-5254
ABM College P,C Calgary 403-719-4300
Academy of Learning – High River P,IH High River 403-652-2116
Alberta Defensive Tactics Training Inc. C Alberta 403-820-7770
Alert Security Training C Alberta 204-219-4388
All Peace Protection IH Grande Prairie 780-538-1166
Alpha Wolf Protection Services Inc. IH, C Red Deer 403-392-5902
Anzac Security Services Ltd. C,P Calgary 403-397-2640
Artan Continental Safety Inc. P, IH Edmonton 780-756-5118
ASP Residential Services Inc. IH Calgary 1-877-552-5535
Backstage Support Services IH, O Calgary/Edmonton 403-451-2739
Base Corp Learning Systems P,C,O Alberta 780-732-2273 ext 224
Bearhat Security and Investigation Services C Siksika 403-734-0028
Benaiah Guarding Ltd. IH,C Edmonton 780-999-6176
BPS Protective Services K-9 Inc. P,IH Edmonton/Calgary 780-481-6348/403-241-3334
BlueLine Tactical Training C British Columbia 778-822-2583
Calgary Convention Centre Authority IH Calgary 403-261-8500
Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society IH Calgary 403-263-5707
Cambrooks College Inc. P Calgary 403-452-3694
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires – Northern AB Division P,IH Northern AB 780-451-1974
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires – S. AB (Alberta Security College) P,IH Southern AB 403-244-4664
Cape Breton Business College P Sydney, NS 902-564-2222
Cobalt Industrial Supply & Services Inc. IH Calgary 403-457-4682
Columbia College P,O Alberta 1-888-235-9370
Commonwealth Stadium/City of Edmonton IH Edmonton 780-944-7447
Concord Security Corporation P,IH,C Calgary 403-252-8005
Cypress Security Ltd. IH Calgary 403-667-6878
Dangie K-9 Services Inc. P,IH,C Lamont 780-690-4336
Defence Security IH Edmonton 780-937-9000
Dominion Protection Services Ltd. IH Calgary 403-717-1732
Ever Ready Solutions Ltd. (ERS) IH Calgary 403-451-9435
Evergreen College P Calgary 403-457-6400
First Contact: Security Training andPersonal Safety IH, C Red Deer 403-597-8640
Focus College of Professionals Ltd. P Kelowna, BC 250-861-5808
Foothills Training Services P,C Okotoks 403-829-7897
Forensic Group West Ltd. IH, C,PVC Calgary 403-988-6901
Quality Security Training P,C Westbank, BC 250-862-0891
Frontline Canadian Defence IH,P,C Edmonton 780-801-5236
G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd. P,IH,C Alberta 403-735-1141
Garda Canada Security Corp. IH,O Alberta 780-425-5000
Genric Canada Ltd. IH Calgary 289-921-1907
Golden Eagle Security Services PVC Edmonton 780-229-2884
GPS Security Group Inc. IH, C Calgary 780-989-2017
Grande Prairie Regional College P Grande Prairie 780-539-2799
Guard Partner O,C Alberta 1-855-784-1118
HUN Security Protection Services Inc. IH Calgary 403-472-1946
Inspiring Minds Consulting Ltd. C Airdrie 403-461-3498
ISS Security Ltd. C Calgary 403-590-0650
J.P. Security Professional Institute of BC IH,C,P Calgary & Delta, BC 403-719-9941
Kara Safety Management and Security Inc. P,IH,C Medicine Hat 403-866-5272
Ketto Ryu Combat Ju-Jutsu Ltd. P,C Edmonton 780-803-5725
Kingsway Garden Holdings Inc. IH Edmonton 780-479-8598
Kitteringham Security Group Inc. C Calgary 780-646-3546
Knight Security Operations Ltd. P,IH,C Airdrie 587-433-2468
Lakeland Security Services P,IH,O St. Paul 780-646-3546
Law Enforcement and Security Training Academy of Canada (LESTAC) O Manitoba 1-866-982-6840
Lion Security Services Ltd. IH Edmonton 780-756-2661
Little Bear Contractor Security Services IH Cadotte Lake 780-618-6085
MacCon – Security, Medical, Logistics IH,C Calgary 403-262-2266
Maritime Environmental Training Institute P Sydney, NS 902-539-9766
McHale Aviation Services Inc./ Gemstone Workforce Logistics IH Sherwood Park/ Fort McMurray 780-464-9085
McPhee Security Consulting Inc. C Calgary 403-808-1540
MMPR Security Services Ltd. C Calgary 587-700-7236
Municipal District of Bonnyville No.87 IH Bonnyville 780-812-3332
Murrie Protection Services (MPS) Ltd. P,IH,C Calgary 403-457-0504
Northern BC Guard Academy C BC 250-552-3311
Northern Lights Security Ltd. IH Edmonton 780-964-8970
OLS Consulting Group Inc. P,IH,C Edmonton 587-708-2000
On Guard First Nations Training Inc. P,IH,C Edmonton 780-297-0450
Overwaitea Food Group/Save On Foods IH Alberta 780-484-8611
Paladin Security Group IH, O Alberta 780-413-9000
Palisade Security Group Inc. IH Edmonton 780-486-2600
Patman Productions Inc. IH Calgary 403-640-2030
Pegasus Security Training Academy P, IH Calgary 403-230-1119
Primco Security Services LP IH Cold Lake 780-594-4034
PWM Loss Prevention Services Inc. P,IH,C Calgary 403-237-6899
QPS Learning Limited P Calgary 403-351-1414
Real Self Defense Center P,C Edmonton 780-974-1338
Regent Protection Services IH Calgary 403-313-7709
Safety Net Security Ltd. P,IH Edmonton Calgary 780-481-6699/403-236-4884
Scarlet Security Services Ltd. IH, C, PVC Calgary 403-252-8522
Sears Canada Inc. IH Calgary 403-437-4356
Secure-Tech Solutions C Calgary 403-718-9806
Securiguard Services Limited IH,P Edmonton 780-432-2047
Securitas Canada Limited IH,C Alberta 403-273-0337
Security Officer Career College P,IH,O Edmonton 587-524-1123
Security Services Training & Consulting Inc. P,C Calgary 587-707-4300
Sentinel Protection Services Ltd. IH,P,C Calgary 1-877-737-8485
Service Masters Security IH Red Deer 403-348-5513
Skorpion Security International Inc. P Fort McMurray 780-750-4657
Stay Safe Instructional Programs P,C Alberta 416-708-4078 Inc. (Sting Executive Group International) O,C Alberta 1-888-713-2673
Sullivan’s Security Inc. IH,C Edmonton 780-756-2163
Tip of Spear Inc. O,P Edmonton 780-469-8787
Titanium Defence Corp. IH, C Sherwood Park 780-217-3770
Total Loss Control Safety Services Ltd. C, PVC Rocky Mountain House 403-895-4282
Tri-West Security IH,C Red Deer 587-377-1412
Vision Quest Advisors C Alberta 306-699-2548
Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation LP IH,C,P Calgary/Edmonton 1-888-842-8109