Manitoba Security Guard Course

Need your Manitoba Justice Security Guard License?

Security Guard Training Canada is pleased to present the Manitoba security guard training package that is government-approved and designed to prepare you for passing the Manitoba security guard licence exam and applying for a security license to get you working as soon as possible in this exciting career.

How Do You Get Your Manitoba Security Guard Licence?

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Check to make sure you meet the basic requirements for the licenceComplete your Manitoba Security Guard coursePass your proctored government examApply for your licence as a Security Guard

Manitoba Security Guard Licensing Requirements

Manitoba security guard course.
  • be over 18 years old
  • be eligible to work in Canada
  • be fluent in English
  • have no criminal record
  • have no outstanding criminal charges
  • not be the subject of a criminal investigation
  • All applications must state an address for service within Manitoba. All notices and documentation, including your licence, will be sent to this address. Applications which do not state an address for service within Manitoba will be returned.
  • Results for a current Child Abuse Registry check (dated no older than six months at the time of submission). This must be obtained directly from Manitoba Child and Family Services. The results of a Child Abuse Registry check are not the same as a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) performed by a police service.

All security guards must meet a specific English fluency standard. This is a level 5 benchmark according to the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks

This online security guard training course consists of ten (10) modules.  Students must complete all modules, logging a minimum total of 40 hours and then pass the online Provincial exam under the supervision of a proctor.

Please note that there are some exceptions to the mandatory training course.

Exam Challenge

To be considered for an exam challenge you must:

Provide the Private Investigators and Security Guards program with proof that you have sufficient prior work experience that relates directly to duties performed by a security guard; or

Provide the Private Investigators and Security Guards program with proof of having worked as a security guard for a minimum of 1500 hours within the two years immediately before requesting the exam challenge.

Hours worked as a security guard with a temporary security guard licence cannot be used to support an exam challenge request.

Equivalent training from another Canadian Province or Territory

If you have moved to Manitoba from another Canadian Province or Territory where you satisfied a regulated training standard for security guards, this may be recognized as equivalent to the Manitoba standard.

You should contact the Private Investigators and Security Guards Program for more information.

Written Manual

The Manitoba government also provides a Participant’s Manual for the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program to assist in your successful completion of the exam.

Manitoba Online Security Guard Training Course Syllabus

The training syllabus for any Manitoba security guard training course (either online or in a classroom) is set by Manitoba Justice.

IntroductionWelcome And Login Instructions
Module 1General Duties and Responsibilities
Module 2Professionalism
Module 3You and the Law
Module 4Patrolling
Module 5Writing Notes and Reports
Module 6Bomb Threats
Module 7Access Control and Alarm Systems
Module 8Traffic Control
Module 9Fire
Module 10Working Safely
Next StepsExam Registration And Next Steps

Additional Training

Get a competitive edge in your job search by adding the following courses to your resume:

Use of Force Coursethis course will prepare you for how to defend yourself if necessary, and the proper time and place to use force. It will provide training on how and when to use force and the legal limitations when confronting an individual.

Pair a Use of Force Certification with your Manitoba Security Guard License and get a competitive advantage by showing potential employers you take your training seriously and will treat your job duties the same way.

Manitoba Security Guard Course FAQ

How much does it cost to get a security license in Manitoba?

The licensing fee from the government is $30 per year.

How do I get a security guard license in Manitoba?

To become security licensed as a security worker in Manitoba you need to:

1 – complete the 40-hour Manitoba Security Guard Training course
2 – pass the provincial exam, and
3 – have a clear criminal record and child abuse registry check
4 – submit your application and payment to the government

How many questions are on the security exam in Manitoba?

There are 63 multiple-choice questions on the exam and you have 1 hour to complete the exam. To pass, you need a minimum mark of 75%.

Who issues a security guard license in Manitoba?

Manitoba Justice's Private Investigators and Security Guards Program regulates the private security and private investigator industries under the provisions of The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act.

Can I take the security exam online?

Yes, Online testing is ideal because candidates can: Test anywhere – especially from the security and privacy of their own homes.

Can security guards carry guns in Canada?

Yes, with restrictions.

Security guards in Canada can only carry and use a firearm if their employer issues the same. Additionally, the security guard must have a valid firearms license for carrying and using the weapon.

Every security guard on duty must carry their firearms license and present the same upon request

Is my Manitoba security license valid in Alberta?

No. Each province licenses guards within the province and to work in Alberta you will need to obtain an Alberta Security Guard License.

Can security guards carry batons in Manitoba?

No, these are considered weapons under the Criminal Code Of Canada.

How Do I Become A Security Guard In Winnipeg?

1.   Register for and complete training with an approved training provider.

The Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) course is available online, is broken down into 10 units and requires trainees to pass the government exam. 

More details are available in this article.

2.   Write and pass your Security Guard licensing exam.  After completing the 40 hours of training you are eligible to write the licensing exam up to 3 times for $25 per exam. 

If after 3 attempts you are not successful, you are required to take the training program again as required by Manitoba Justice. 

Can security guards carry Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray (Pepper Spray) in Manitoba?

No, security guards and private investigators are prohibited from the possession/use of pepper spray as it is a prohibited weapon under the Criminal Code.

Can security guards carry Handcuffs in Manitoba?

The use of handcuffs, although not specifically prohibited, should be closely monitored by your employer. As a general rule, only a minimum level of force may be used to restrain a person being lawfully placed under arrest. You must know that any other application of force is an unjustified assault and may lead to a charge under the Criminal Code.

Security Guard Training Canada is an authorized reseller for Security Guard Course Inc. – a training provider approved to deliver the Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP)

Last Updated on Mar 22, 2024

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